Follow-up to my Article on Dollar-Cost Averaging & CAPE

I had an article published in the Journal of Financial Planning on dollar-cost averaging.  You can read it here. You can also download a Powerpoint presentation version of it here.

I have gotten the same questions from advisors over and over again, both in person at presentations, and via email from those who had read the piece.  They’re all asking the same thing:  Hey John, it’s great that you found this pattern on 15-year timelines but 15 years is far too long for me to implement this.  Can’t I do this on a short timeline? Continue reading “Follow-up to my Article on Dollar-Cost Averaging & CAPE”

Endowment Investing Case Study: Ball State University

For my master’s thesis, I explored the investment performance of several multi-million dollar endowment portfolios. In eight case studies, the results consistently showed that a low-cost portfolio outperformed a portfolio paying high fees to access active managers and alternative asset classes. Moreover, risk-adjusted performance showed the low-cost portfolio simply did better. (Previous analysis has shown that a low-cost portfolio outperforms the average endowment.)

But, that was only eight case studies. Why not do more? Enter a series of blog posts evaluating the performance of university endowments. Continue reading “Endowment Investing Case Study: Ball State University”

Clark Howard’s Secret to Success

I’m a huge fan of Clark Howard. (I’ve been listening to his podcast for years.) And it’s not just the fact that he dispenses invaluable financial advice. Of course, that’s great. But the thing that’s really awesome about Clark Howard is how genuine he is. He really wants to help people. He really wants to do the right thing. It’s amazing. Planet Earth needs more people like him! Continue reading “Clark Howard’s Secret to Success”